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182 N. Main Street Holland, NY 14080
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Roth’s Hillside Tree Farm 182 N. Main Street Holland, NY 14080
The history of the farm dates back to 1903 when Phillip Roth bought the farm. The farm had a gas well (and still has one today) that furnished gas for the village of Holland for a number of years. Throughout the ownership of the farm, Phillip operated it as dairy farm for a number of years until his death. The farm was then passed to his son Millard Roth and his siblings. Millard continued the dairy farm along with his wife Grace from the 1940’s to the late 80’s.  The farm grew over time including the construction of the main cow barn (1957) which still stands today serving as our storage for the equipment, farm shop, and displaying of our trees.  Millard and Grace raised three children Millard (Moe), Robert, and Sandy who did what they could, especially at haying time.  When Millard died in 1992 the farm was taken over by his wife Grace and three children. Upon Millard’s passing in ‘92, the dairy business of the farm ended. In 1993 Robert Roth Sr. (Bob) along with his son Robert Jr. and Moe began to plant Christmas trees on roughly 55 of the 260+ acre farm. This was the beginning of the tree farm at this point. Robert Sr. along with his wife Laurie and three children Rob, Kathy, and Jeremy all work on the farm. Since the planting of the trees in ‘93, more and more acres of the farm quickly transitioned from cow pastures to Christmas tree fields and Bob’s vision of a Christmas tree farm was becoming a reality. After many years of growing the trees, in 2002 Roth’s Hillside Tree Farm officially opened for business! The Christmas Shop located across from the barn was built in 2001.  As the farm expanded the need for a second barn was necessary, in 2005 our other barn was built.
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